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Nie miałam świadomości, że kiedyś dojdzie do tego, że znienawidzę śmiech. 

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You’re all welcome

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Flames – they licked the walls
Tenderly they turned to dust all that I adore
— Bastille-Things we lost in the fire
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"I don’t, y’know, I don’t fuck around. I wanna learn, I’m there to absorb. I still think directing’s far off for me. I wanna feel ready. ‘Cause, also, a thing I’ve observed is I… I don’t approve of a director who’s completely inexperienced and doesn’t know what he’s doing. [Laughs] So, I don’t wanna be that guy." - Dylan O’Brien at NYCC 2013 [x]

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Un crit valent.

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David Villa’s Facebook:
Guaje Villa ‘baby’… Como pasa el tiempo!!!Guaje Villa ‘baby’… How time flies!


David Villa’s Facebook:

Guaje Villa ‘baby’… Como pasa el tiempo!!!
Guaje Villa ‘baby’… How time flies!

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Tekst 17 Kwiec. 70 notek I still love my team even if they break my heart like that.

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"Nós experimentamos muitas alegrias juntos,
Muitas são as metas que celebravam.
Mas nós também sofreu -
That’s what makes victory so sweet.
This feeling never loses - 
it always wins.
If we believe together - we will win together!”

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